"My daughter suffers from eczema and this salve has been the only treatment which offers her relief."

-N.S. in Chicago, IL

"The Golden Salve works wonders on diaper rash. My infants rashes are gone within hours of application."

-N.O. in Las Vegas, NV

"The Golden Salve is simply the best I've ever used. Considering I also make my own herbal products, that's saying a lot!"

-Rosemary Gladstar, Sage Mountain in East Barre, VT

"I am a holistic-oriented veterinarian. I have used The Golden Salve and believe it is the best salve I have ever used."

-E.S. in Versailles, KY

"I had surgery...and I used the Golden Salve on my incisions. It helped the healing and left me without embarrassing scars. I think it is simply the best you can use!"

-D.T. in Arizona

"...Your salve did a magnificent job in helping me heal an awful insect bite that ended up being a 7 cm. in diameter swelling before it started to resolve!"

-M.D. in Boston, MA

"My cat had an abscess, I applied your Golden Salve and in two days you couldn't tell he had a wound!"

-J.L. in Downingtown, PA

"I had a bad grease burn on my hand. I used the Golden Salve (after cooling the hand completely) and in 3-4 days it was healed."

-S.A. in Dayton, Ohio