The Big Herbs

After living with the 1st Edition of The Big Herbs for 10 years there was an obvious need to address time's passage. This 2nd Edition makes a more complete and satisfying book with new and updated articles and photographs. Now living with the fast and radical change of climate and international trade both quickly advancing invasive insect and plant populations, major species like White Oak, White Ash, Slippery Elm, Dogwood, Sassafras, Spicebush, Red Mulberry, Hemlock, Black Locust, Butternut, and Pawpaw are not doing so well. New and old photographs show more of the farm and our farm life producing food and medicine while living the good life with our mother earth. Added are 5 new stories, 2 about some of the animals lives I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with, one on the paths of my addictive sweet corn obsession, a shitty tale with dolphins, and the needed Red Mulberry chapter. Pass on the green spark and plant a couple of White Oak trees.

– Paul Strauss, 2020